Gentle and soft for delicate skin yet durable for the everyday messiest faces.


These face washers are super handy and perfect for cleaning little faces, for bathtime and also a great size for your nappy bag, meaning you are always prepared for messy moments.


Face Washers make a great baby shower gift which any eco conscious new parent would love - saving them money in the long run and also the environment, they are a great alternative to disposable wipes.


Made with 100% Cotton (cheesecloth or muslin).  Measure approximately 15x15cm and, like all of our Eversweet items, they are double stitched for durability.


Machine wash, then reuse ... again and again. They line/air-dry quickly, bonus! 


Please note, designs may vary slightly due to pattern placement and this is for ONE face washer only.

Masala Face Washer

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