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Quality Reusable Breastpads: wear, wash and wear again, repeat ever after. 


Reliable, soft and absorbent, an essential for any breastfeeding mum.


The fleece side is super soft against your skin so there is no irritation, with its 'stay dry' quality it also wicks moisture away from you onto an inner thirsty absorbent layer teemed with a waterproof layer - 4 quality layers to prevent leakages.


Mum friendly and Earth friendly - sustainability for both the environment and your purse.


Our breastpad design means they are not bulky and sit nicely in your bra, they will mould to your shape with wear.


You will find the breastpads get better with age as the absorbency increases with each wash - place in a delicates bag, cold machine wash & line dry (do not tumble dry).


Sold in packs of three pair (six pads) so you have one pair to wear, one pair spare while one pair is in the wash.

The Love set

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  • The Love Set - Breastpads 

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